Monday, December 5, 2016

a big day for dad

Dear Little One,

Today was a big day for your Dad! Today he finally defended his doctoral thesis. He spoke for half an hour about things I could not really understand, and then the professors questioned him for one hour. There were cheers and claps when the professors returned to the hall after their deliberations and announced that your Dad is now a "Dr. Ing." You were there in the audience on the day your dad became a doctor!

You can be proud to be your father's child, Little One. There is no one whom I would rather have as your father. He's intelligent but humble, has good things to say but still listens more than he talks. He isn't one to tell other people that he has a title; it's the last thing on his mind to announce about himself. What's more impressive about him than his education is his heart.

After Dad became Dr. Dad, he made one more announcement to the friends and coworkers gathered in the room: that soon we would be welcoming our firstborn. That's you, Little One. And so as people made their rounds to congratulate your dad, they also came to congratulate me It was so fun for us to pile good news upon good news, and to spend hours laughing and smiling with our old friends in the university town.

This was a big day for our family, but a bigger day for our family will be when you arrive.

We look forward to meeting you,

Mom and Dad