Monday, November 28, 2016

an act of faith

Dear Little One,

I want you to know that as much as we wanted you and planned for you and asked God for you, choosing to pursue parenthood was also an act of faith. An act of faith based on God's promises that children are a reward, a heritage and a good gift. Not an expensive nuisance or a biologically-related embarrassment, like some people say.

It wasn't that we didn't want to be parents; we certainly did. But I know that being a parent will turn my life upside down. I know children don't always turn out the way we expect or want. I know children have their own wills and while they can choose right, they can also choose wrong. I know the world is full not only of sunshine and rainbows but also of dangers and snares. And I know that although we might think our job is to protect you from the world "out there", you need protection even from us—from our shortcomings and failures.

Somehow opening ourselves to the good gift of children felt to me like a leap of faith, of setting aside insecurities and judging Him who promised to be faithful. This adventure of parenthood will be an adventure of faith, from first to last. But isn't all of life?

In good faith,

Mom and Dad